sympathy flowers by Sophie J Kim in Essex & Suffolk
   Reds - for a lavish funeral spray  
  Whites - white roses are a sign of purity

Sympathy and funeral flowers are a simple and yet beautiful way to say goodbye


If you are looking to send sympathy flowers for a funeral then let me help you with that last special thought for a loved one.


White roses are a sign of purity, they are beautiful laid against a backdrop of lush greenery in either traditional on modern spray shapes. Alternatively you can choose a rose colour that has a special significance. Creamy colours are perfectly accentuated with deep green foliage and fluffy textured edging.

Rustic twig bases look amazing with luxurious dark red roses and gerbera set against a backdrop of lime green flowers and foliage. The classic wreath, a symbol of eternity can be designed in a modern garden style with groups of beautiful red roses and gerbera complimented by lush greenery and enhanced by light green flowers

The sunshine faces of sunflowers can be a cheery reminder of happier days, an ideal tribute for young people to give to receive. Delicate pastel shades with soft pink roses and lavender tones is a traditional funeral spray that has a young and feminine feel.

Name tributes
Any name can be transformed into a poignant reminder of a loved one. Daisy Chrysanthemums bases in white and lemon gives a name tribute a crisp and fresh look. Loosely arranged flowers in striking blues, lime green and whites make dad tributes truly memorable.

Modern motor cars, trains, motor cycles, and so much more. A 3D football set on a mossy base can be made in any colouring.

Baskets and sheaves
Arum lilies are the most traditional funeral flower. They have been used for centuries to represent meaningful simplicity and are still a popular choice today. Tied naturally in a simple sheaf they are a modern interpretation of a time honoured style.


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